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Massive Malvertising Campaign Reaches 100M Ads, Manipulates Supply Chain

Since January, there have been two peaks of 28 million and 14.5 million compromised ads respectively, with more than 100 million malicious ads served this year as of mid-June. Fiber ads can make money as a middle man earning a brokerage fee for procuring traffic for these clients, while also reaping the benefits of successful scams and malware infections that stem from redirecting those clients’ ads to malicious sites. Read More: threatpost.com

Give Mobile Gamers Rewarded Ads

According to a March 2019 survey from mobile ad and app monetization company Tapjoy, 69% of US consumers said they would rather give up social media apps or TV than lose their favorite mobile games. While most find digital ads to be annoying or distracting, the survey found that 76% of US mobile gamers prefer opt-in rewarded ads, compared with 24% that prefer mandatory ads. Read More: www.emarketer.com

Would Advertising Work for Netflix?

Roughly a quarter of U.S. subscribers said they would cancel Netflix if the company introduced ads without lowering prices, according to a recent survey from Hub Entertainment Research. Netflix would have to be willing to generate less revenue from ad-supported subscribers than from its paid subscribers – at least in the short term. Read More: www.fool.com

Five Points About Podcast Advertising

While about half of podcast ads are baked-in ads, dynamically inserted ads are gaining in popularity. In just one year, dynamically inserted ads’ share of the total has increased by 17%. Host-read ads remain the ad type of choice, representing 63.3% of podcast ads in 2018. Read More: www.marketingcharts.com

Facebook’s API Shows How It Shares Ad Data

Facebook is providing more insight into how it shares advertising data, with the launch of its Ads Archive application programming interface. A small group of researchers was invited to test a beta version of the API Ad Library last August, with databases created using web browser extensions that upload ad data as users browse the site. Read More: www.pymnts.com

How Common Is Ad Fraud?

While the initiative can help lower fraud rates by keeping ads away from spoofed domains and low-quality arbitraged inventory, it’s possible the difference in these fraud rates is partly driven by self-selection bias. Txt adoption might have taken ad fraud seriously from the beginning and have other guards in place that drive their fraud rates down. Read More: www.emarketer.com