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Addressable Tv Advertising Market To Hit $3.3b By 2020

The VAB estimates just 40% of U.S. addressable TV agencies and marketing professionals are currently making a significant investment in platforms, and that 71% of these marketers have been buying addressable TV for less than one year. Read More: www.fiercevideo.com

Agency Ad Buyers Say There Isn’t Enough Addressable Tv Inventory

Then in September 2018, AT&T’s advertising division Xandr struck deals with Altice and Frontier to sell those two companies’ addressable TV inventory alongside AT&T-owned DirecTV’s addressable inventory in order to sell ads that can be targeted across 20 million households in the U.S. The progress that the TV companies have made in expanding the share of U.S. households that can be served addressable TV ads, combined with advertisers’ interest in audience-based buying, is now drawing ad buyers’ attention to addressable TV’s other inventory limitation: that two-minute inventory allotment. Read More: digiday.com

How addressable TV reaches target audiences in a more privacy compliant way

TV has always been a cornerstone of advertising campaigns due to its unique ability to employ sight, sound and motion to grab viewers’ attention, and now, with new digital privacy regulations, it’s also important to know that TV can enable you to connect with households in a more privacy-compliant way. Source: adage.com

‘There is scale there’: Myths of addressable TV advertising

Myth: Addressable TV is not applicable for brand advertisers. Addressable TV does not only suit advertisers looking to pinpoint the specific sliver of people likely to immediately run out and buy a brand’s product after seeing an ad. Brand advertisers looking to reach a wide audience may find it valuable to use addressable advertising to tailor their messages to certain segments within that audience, such as Spanish-speaking households or households with kids of a certain age, said Piner. Source: digiday.com