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Addressable TV halves channel switching and improves ad recall, claims Sky

Addressable TV cuts channel switching by 48% and boosts ad recall by 49%, according to data from Sky. Where the frequency of addressable ads was higher or equal to linear exposure, ad recall was boosted by 49%. With eMarketer forecasting that programmatic digital video ad spend will climb from £967m in 2017 to £1.58bn this year in the UK, the figures demonstrate how addressable TV can deliver ROI on marketing spend. Read More: www.thedrum.com

Comcast partners with Charter, Cox to advance targeted advertising

U.S. cable provider Comcast Corp on Tuesday launched a program to further develop an advertising strategy that better targets audiences, as the TV industry looks to lure more advertisers away from digital players like Facebook Inc and Alphabet Inc’s Google. Comcast said it will partner with two other cable providers, Charter Communications and Cox Media, the ad division of Cox Communications, to pool what they have learned from offering addressable advertising, help other content distributors do the same, including how to ensure customer data is used in ways that comply with privacy standards. Read More: www.reuters.com

Addressable Advertising: A Primer

Most VOD addressable inventory is already sold on an addressable basis, either via walled gardens like Roku and Amazon or via DSPs and SSPs like The Trade Desk, dataxu, SpotX and Telaria. There’s no single agreed upon method for measuring linear addressable and VOD addressable. Read More: tvrev.com

‘we Built So Much On Such Crap’: Ad Buyers Sound Off On The Future Of Tv Advertising

The future of TV and digital video advertising is fuzzy, but the market’s present picture isn’t all that clear either. During closed-door sessions this week at Digiday’s Future of TV Summit in Palm Springs, California, ad buyers vented about some of the biggest frustrations they face, such as convincing clients to look beyond linear TV to OTT, organizing TV and digital buying teams and assessing what is true addressable TV advertising. Read More: digiday.com

Who Sells What? Ncc Media And Xandr Aim To Consolidate The Confusing Addressable Tv Market

Xandr sells addressable TV across DirecTV’s 19 million satellite homes, and last September signed exclusive deals to represent addressable inventory from Altice, which covers the tri-state area, and Frontier, which covers small and medium-sized markets along the east coast. Project OAR, a consortium launched in March by Vizio and major TV networks, aims to use and automatic content recognition technology to define technical standards for addressable TV ad sales and deliver addressable ads across Vizio’s 10.5 million smart TVs by 2020. Read More: adexchanger.com