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Adobe’s ‘Liquid Mode’ uses AI to automatically redesign PDFs for mobile devices

Adobe CTO Abhay Parasnis also tells me they’ve been working on an API that’ll allow similar functionality to be rolled into non-Adobe apps down the road. When you open a PDF in Acrobat Reader, the app will try to determine if it’ll work with Liquid Mode; if so, the Liquid Mode button lights up. The whole thing is non-destructive, so nothing actually changes about the original PDF. Step back out of liquid mode, and you’re back at the original, unmodified PDF. We first heard about Adobe’s efforts here earlier this year; in an ExtraCrunch interview back in January, Parasnis outlined Adobe’s plans to bring AI and machine learning into just about everything the company does. Read More: techcrunch.com

Adobe wants to be your customer experience record keeping system – TechCrunch

The company hopes to transform Adobe Cloud Platform into a company’s experience record keeping system, a central place to collect all the data you may have about a customer from both the Adobe Cloud Platform and external data sources. Source: techcrunch.com/2018/03/27/adobe-wants-to-be-your-customer-experience-record-keeping-system/

Adobe says it will help brands avoid getting ripped off by ad tech

If ad tech companies decline, Adobe won’t work with them, the company said. Specifically, Adobe has signed contracts with 15 ad tech firms – including companies that help publishers sell digital ad space as well as firms that enable advertisers to buy ads on lots of websites in one interface – requiring them to disclose all their transaction fees. Among the digital ad tech companies that have signed contracts with Adobe to disclose all fees includes Oath, Pubmatic, The Rubicon Project, Index Exchange, Triple Lift and SpotX. Wilson predicts that other companies in the space will soon follow suit, and marketers will refuse to work with ad tech companies that don’t disclose all fees. Source: www.businessinsider.com/adobe-says-it-will-help-brands-avoid-getting-ripped-off-by-ad-tech-2017-10