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eBay Rolls Out Program to Combat Ad Fraud

eBay Advertising announced a new program to help it combat ad fraud called Ads.txt, which stands for Authorized Digital Sellers. eBay uses Ads.txt to publicly declare the companies it authorizes to sell its digital inventory. eBay Advertising is a division of eBay offering a suite of marketing solutions for brands and sellers. Source: www.ecommercebytes.com/2018/01/27/ebay-rolls-program-combat-ad-fraud/

A look at ads.txt adoption, its benefits, and the challenges ahead

The study ads to a chorus of calls encouraging more widespread take-up of the protocol with a recent study jointly conducted by Google and a host of premium publishers, such as Business Insider, Washington Post and Turner, warning that those who failed to do so risk losing up to $3.5m per day due to the activity of fraudsters, equating to $1.27bn a year. A separate study from Google itself highlights the benefit of adoption, claiming that media owners using its DoubleClick Ad Exchange and Ad Sense platforms have benefited from an increase in their average CPM. Similarly, adtech outfit OpenX has been keen to highlight how adoption of the technology has benefited its media trading partners. Txt initiative, with both claiming their buy-side offerings will disable buying from ad networks not listed on media owners whose ads. Source: www.thedrum.com/news/2017/12/20/look-adstxt-adoption-its-benefits-and-the-challenges-ahead