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Here’s How Global Marketing Leaders’ Budgets Are Trending Across Channels

As budgets for digital channels are widely expected to increase, how are marketers measuring their efforts? Nearly all of the respondents say they are measuring ROI for their marketing activities. About the Data: Report findings are based on a global survey of 488 senior marketing leaders at advertisers, agencies and media companies. Read More: www.marketingcharts.com

the keyword blacklist is still the first line of defense for brand safety

AD BUYERS BEWARE, THIS ARTICLE INCLUDES AT LEAST 4 WORDS THAT MIGHT BE ON YOUR KEYWORD BLACKLIST: Although third-party ad verification tools are getting more sophisticated, the keyword blacklist is still the first line of defense for brand safety, and it’s a fairly blunt instrument, especially when it’s not regularly refreshed and/or doesn’t take context into consideration. There are some words and topics that are unavoidable, especially for a news organization like CNN whose remit is to cover whatever’s happening in the world, even if some advertisers categorize it as inflammatory. Read More: adexchanger.com

Ads when pausing vs content interruption is smart UX.

HULU’S NEW AD STRATEGY TARGETS BINGE-WATCHING AND PAUSING: A new way Hulu is reaching those viewers is through its binge advertising experience. Starting in Q4, the binge ad format will identify binge-viewing behavior on Hulu and allow brands to serve personalized rewards, which can be anything from the next episode commercial-free to a discount offer on a product or service. Read More: www.fastcompany.com

Why TV ad buyers don’t yet see connected TV threatening linear TV budgets

That lack of transparency and control, as well as more favorable pricing, has spurred TV advertisers to deal directly with publishers for connected TV campaigns, which has further reinforced the connection between connected TV and linear TV. TV networks have seized on connected TV as an opportunity to ease TV advertisers into the new channel while tethering those investments to linear TV by selling their OTT inventory as an extension of traditional TV deals. Read More: digiday.com