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‘Avoid mobile pop-ups, unapproved app markets = avoid ad fraud’

SPECIAL REPORT: SOPHISTICATED AD FRAUD PERMEATES THE MOBILE APP ECOSYSTEM: These reports echoed the results of research undertaken by SophosLabs, in collaboration with Protected Media, that found that advertising fraud in mobile apps is growing increasingly sophisticated and common, even in apps from established developers with a large install base. The following case studies in fraudulent and undesirable mobile app behavior illustrate the scope and nature of the issues facing both the advertising industry and the mobile app marketplace dominated by Apple and Google. Read More: www.protected.media

How Identity Resolution Helps with Ad Targeting and Measurement

What’s possible today, thanks to the advent of digital and advanced television advertising, is lightyears more advanced and precise, including measurement based on things CEOs care about, like whether a TV or digital ad resulted in driving a person into a store and purchasing the advertised product. Source: www.martechadvisor.com/articles/ads/the-high-cost-of-waiting-for-perfection/

Time Spent With Advertising Daily

To answer Research Intelligencer’s question, PQ Media estimates that the average consumer was exposed to approximately 1.59 hours per day of advertising on traditional and digital media platforms in 2017, slightly more than 95 minutes per day, about 15% of total time spent with media. Source: www.mediapost.com/publications/article/316932/time-spent-with-advertising-daily.html