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ons of Linear TV Advertising

Linear TV Advertising Challenged in An Omnichannel World: 5 Points

Part of this decrease or stagnation in linear TV advertising spend is likely due to the growing belief that linear TV ad spend is less effective than it once was. Programmatic Linear TV. While many TV advertisers say that linear TV advertising would be more effective if it had better targeting capabilities, this technology remains relatively nascent, and that is reflected in its adoption: 20% of decision-makers say they are making programmatic linear TV part of this year’s ad spend, although another 20% are expecting to use it in the future. Read More: marketingcharts.com

‘Incentivized ad impressions have been tried over and over only to result in poor ROI – people are motivated by a reward, not sincere interest’

INCENTIVISED ADS AND THE CATCH 22 SITUATION: According to Jitendra Chaturvedi, director and co-founder, Batooni, users could earn `45-50 every month by watching ads on the app at the rate of 25 paise per ad. The app displays around five to seven incentivised ads per day to ensure that the system is not being misused. How to rewardRewarded advertising is most common in the mobile gaming ecosystem where users can recover a lost life or proceed to the next level of the game if they view an ad. According to a Kantar-IMRB report, 60% of mobile gamers watch rewarded video ads and only one in 10 gamers close the ad. Interestingly, playable interactive ads are the least preferred incentivised ad format; gamers would much rather click on a rewarded video ad. Rohit Sharma, founder and CEO, Pokkt, a mobile video...

US Advertisers Will Allocate Nearly $7 Billion to Connected TV This Year

We define connected TV advertising as digital ads that appear on connected TV devices, which include smart TVs and TVs hooked up to the internet via a set-top box, game console or similar device. Advertiser interest in connected TV is high as the number of cord-cutters and cord-nevers climbs each year and fewer people watch traditional linear TV. Connected TV also offers the promise of better audience targeting and measurement-though for now, it also comes with the familiar digital problems of fragmented infrastructure and high potential for fraud. Read More: www.emarketer.com

What Obstacles Are Preventing US Agency and Marketing Professionals from Using More Over-the-Top (OTT) Ads? 

Connected TV Ad Spending Limitations

An ad buyer considering connected TV has the option to buy from multiple sources, such as streaming device manufacturers, makers of smart TVs, content aggregators, programmatic ad exchanges and broadcast networks. Tom Fochetta, vice president of advertising sales at Samsung Ads, argued that rather than buying from multiple sources, ad buyers should look for products that have the ability to buy from multiple publishers through a single platform. Read More: www.emarketer.com

4 Reasons Why News Media Will Thrive In The Wake Of Privacy Regulation

Past years’ potential threats include the rise of programmatic buying and fear of race to bottom-rate CPMs, the introduction of ad viewability and vCPM buying, Facebook’s 2018 algorithm change that cut referral traffic to publisher content and the EU’s privacy regulation known as GDPR. Similar to GDPR, the United States’ best-known privacy regulations will kick off in 2020 with the California Consumer Privacy Act. A recent survey by Signs.com found that trust in advertising on social media platforms is increasingly low, with average trust for Facebook ads registering at 23%. Conversely, a study by IAS revealed that readers found advertising on premium publishers more than 74% more likable, more than 20% more engaging and 30% more memorable when compared to viewing the same ad on lower quality sites. Read More: adexchanger.com

No, Digital Media Did Not Solve The Wanamaker Conundrum

Brands flocked to digital advertising with the hope of finding media nirvana. Advertisers should focus on identifying suppliers in their media chain who are either non-transparent and therefore you cannot understand the value, or those who are but provide little ROI. Lastly, there is a need to evaluate the media buying activity itself, looking into media management, optimization and measurement, to ensure that the agency or in-house team are delivering effectively against your specific business needs. Read More: www.mediapost.com