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Paid Search Gets Majority Of Digital Budget Amid Privacy, Tracking, Ad-Blocking Concerns

It’s hardly surprising that data privacy, tracking, and ad blocking top the list of concerns for digital advertisers. The data confirms that paid search remains the dominant digital ad channel – taking 39% of the total budget, at least among Marin’s clients, where paid social trails with 18% and display with 16%. Despite a healthy lead in paid search, marketers still face challenges such as hitting paid-search volume targets, accurate attribution of paid social, and leveraging audience data with ecommerce, according to Marin Software’s State of Digital Advertising 2019 report. Read More: www.mediapost.com

Optimizing media to a buisness outcome ROI, goal will eliminate fraud.

TO TAKE ON BIG FIGHTS LIKE AD FRAUD, MARKETERS NEED TO SMARTEN UP: Greater internal knowledge and expertise of ad fraud would lead to better and more informed choices in ad tech and vendor selection. Marketers should be leading the charge toward building a safer media supply chain, and that includes reducing ad fraud to as close to zero as humanly possible. Read More: www.mediapost.com

What Would Make Digital Media and Linear TV More Effective for Marketers?

In the eyes of television advertisers, both linear TV advertising and digital media have room for improvement in order to make them more effective marketing vehicles. Two-fifths of respondents say that one of the top areas that would make digital media more effective is a more brand safe environment, compared to the mere 12% of respondents who felt the same about linear TV. Brand safety is an issue that digital media advertisers expressed deeper concerns about last year and have been taking actions to remedy. Read More: www.marketingcharts.com

Isn’t everyone still trying to figure out attribution?

WITH BRAND DOLLARS POOLING IN, PODCASTERS ARE TRYING TO FIGURE OUT ATTRIBUTION: For their next trick, podcasters are trying to trace their new clients’ investments back to business outcomes with attribution. Being able to tie results to spending could accelerate the flow of brand dollars into podcasting. Read More: digiday.com

Hits Spring: Blockgraph Aims For Secure ‘identity’ For Tv Ad Industry

Data is at the center of the initiative: between the content, the devices and the connectivity, Manningham shared data estimating 550% growth in the amount of data media and entertainment companies will be dealing with between 2018-2025. Among the concerns with all the data moving around today’s entertainment ecosystem is privacy and security, with nearly 80% of ad executives believing privacy is their top priority, and two out of three concerned about consumer backlash around their data. Read More: www.mesalliance.org