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NBCUniversal, Turner, and Viacom are trying to become more digital

During a panel at AdExchanger’s Industry Preview conference on Wednesday, executives from Viacom, Turner, NBCUniversal, and Hulu spoke about how they’re trying to make big moves toward allowing advertisers to more precisely target and measure ads as they do digital ads on Facebook, Google, and Amazon. Read More: www.businessinsider.com

A startup claims to have cracked the code by using advertisers’ own data

Here’s how it works: Advertisers can log in to VideoAmp’s platform to view all of their spend and slice it up to see how specific channels performed using both third-party data collected from digital media and first-party data, like email lists or data that tracks how many people convert from shopping online. Source: https://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/videoamp-wants-to-solve-tv-ad-measurement-2018-10-1027674907