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Founders of Successful Tech Companies Are Mostly Middle-Aged

The average age of those companies’ founders was 45.There are, of course, famous counterexamples. A study of Nobel laureates in physics over the 20th century found that those scientists did their prizewinning work at an average age of 37.In applied science, crystallized intelligence, gained through experience, appears to be even more vital: Nobel-worthy breakthroughs in medicine arrived a bit later, at age 40, on average. Read More: www.nytimes.com

The Most Popular Radio Formats of 2018

Following News/Talk, which likely benefited from the election cycle, 8% of US radio listeners were tuned into adult contemporary during any given 15-minute period of the day, with Country coming third at 7.3%. Compared to two years ago, pop contemporary hit radio has fallen from its previous second place position. Source: www.marketingcharts.com