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Amazon and Apple are quietly building rival networks that know where everything is

Amazon’s Sidewalk, which operates on the 900MHz band typically used for amateur radio and emergency services, and Apple’s close-range, ultra-wideband positioning with the U1 are designed to get Amazon out of the home and Apple inside it. Not only is it easy to see how Amazon could market a Sidewalk Connect Kit, in which like the Alexa Connect Kit, Amazon itself handles the connectivity, maintenance and security for a fee, Rausch’s use of the word neighbours also brings to mind its currently beleaguered connected Neighbourhood Watch scheme. Read More: www.wired.co.uk

‘They’re slowly starting to kill it’: Ad tech execs brace for Apple to scrap in-app ad tracking

Ad tech execs have a new concern that’s moving to the front burners: the specter of Apple extending Safari’s mobile and desktop anti-tracking blocks to Apple’s in-app environment. In the update, Apple stated that app developers must disclose how they’re using IDFA, and ensure it is only for the specific purposes of ad targeting and attribution and nothing else. Read More: digiday.com

Adtech needs to stop circumventing and start embracing consumer choice.

‘THE SCALE OF THE PROBLEM IS ENORMOUS’: APPLE FLEXES STRONG ANTI-TRACKING STANCE: Firefox has its own anti-tracking policy, which Apple nods to, and Google has pledged to crack down on cross-site tracking and fingerprinting. Apple’s no-nonsense stance toward privacy on the open web means industry sources question how long Apple will keep identification for advertising alive. Read More: digiday.com