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‘An Amazon Alternative?’

SHOPIFY LAUNCHES SHOP, A NEW MOBILE APP: Carl Rivera, the general manager of Shop, told me that the app is a response to a broader shift – not just from desktop to mobile commerce, but also from mobile web to native mobile apps. Shop provides customized product recommendations to each shopper, but Rivera noted that these recommendations all come from brands that you’ve already shown an interested in, either by purchasing a product from their Shopify store or by following their profiles in the app. Read More: techcrunch.com

Mobile App Marketing Budget Share Spent on

Are App Marketers Spending Enough on User Retention?

Historically, marketers have found it a challenge to keep app users engaged with an app and avoid churn even as early as one month after an app has been downloaded. Liftoff’s data shows that although users drop off quickly, the largest number of mobile app marketers do not begin re-engaging new app users until after Day 30, although some begin re-engaging on Day 7. Read More: www.marketingcharts.com

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US Mobile Device Owners Aren’t Just Discovering Apps Through the App Store

Smartphone apps now account for a whopping two-thirds of time spent with digital media in the US. So where are consumers discovering the apps they download? The latest research from Comscore reveals that US consumers aren’t just finding apps through the app store. Another 27% say they discover apps through the Top List in the app store. Read More: www.marketingcharts.com

‘Avoid mobile pop-ups, unapproved app markets = avoid ad fraud’

SPECIAL REPORT: SOPHISTICATED AD FRAUD PERMEATES THE MOBILE APP ECOSYSTEM: These reports echoed the results of research undertaken by SophosLabs, in collaboration with Protected Media, that found that advertising fraud in mobile apps is growing increasingly sophisticated and common, even in apps from established developers with a large install base. The following case studies in fraudulent and undesirable mobile app behavior illustrate the scope and nature of the issues facing both the advertising industry and the mobile app marketplace dominated by Apple and Google. Read More: www.protected.media

Mobile App Users' Ad Attention and Engagement

What Type of In-App Ads Grab Users’ Attention?

There’s good news for in-app advertisers: the majority of US mobile app users say that they believe the quality of the ads in both paid and even free apps is high. Close to three-quarters of respondents download only free apps, while another one-quarter say they download both free and paid apps. Read More: www.marketingcharts.com

Study reveals what consumers would pay for their favorite free apps

Among the facts we learned along the way: women would pay 20% more than men for Google Maps, Facebook and Pinterest, and millennials would pay 78% more for Instagram and 42% more for Google Maps than baby boomers. Once we gathered data showing what consumers would pay for various apps, we were eager to compare each company’s current advertising revenue against what they would hypothetically earn if they charged the percentage of users willing to pay the average amount respondents established per app. Read More: www.mcguffincg.com

Predictive Analytics Considered Highly Effective For Personalization

Even in 2016, predictive analytics came top of the list in areas of analytics data requiring more attention, for those working in B2B. The Ascend2 study shows that the technology is still far from being easy to implement, as nearly half consider it to be among the most difficult applications to deploy in a hyper-personalization strategy. Source: www.marketingcharts.com