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Social Media Attribution: How to Get Started With Measuring

Attribution is very close to another key social media metric: ROI. You probably hear about ROI more often because, well, to be honest, attribution is even trickier to measure than ROI – if you can believe that. We’re hopeful that these attribution ideas might give you a sense of how well social media impacts those indirect leads and sales and that setting up attribution can help you know your channels better. Read More: buffer.com

Explainer: How retail brands are building fractional attribution models

Do I need to start using fractional attribution right now?According to Jeremy Gurewitz, vp of growth for Imperfect Produce, there’s no exact benchmark that brands should use to determine whether or not the time is right to start using a fractional attribution model. What do I need to do to build a fractional attribution model?Gurewitz and Woods both say that companies that want to build their own fractional attribution model need to have a solid understanding of the customer journey – how long does it typically take a customer to purchase after visiting your website or signing up for your email list for the first time? What about after seeing a Facebook ad for the first time?. Read More: digiday.com

Amazon Lures Ad Dollars Away From Duopoly With New Social Ad Measurement Update

Amazon announced updates to its Amazon Attribution console, an advertising tool brands use to attract consumers via Amazon marketplace. Amazon Attribution launched with limited availability to vendors in the UK earlier this year, thereby now giving access to both the UK and US. Prior to the Amazon Attribution update, the company’s advertising platform released a new directory in the US to help marketers discover agencies and tools that offer a range of advertising specialties. Read More: www.alistdaily.com

CMOs must dig deeper on attribution

Currently, only one in four marketers is confident they can quantify ROI, which certainly helps explain why 70% of CMOs expect to invest more in marketing analytics and attribution over the next year according to Nielsen. CMOs in search of a more sophisticated strategy might choose to design their own custom attribution model, ideally incorporating the machine learning element discussed above. Read More: marketingland.com

TV measurement or attribution? The distinction is blurring.

REPORT ASSESSES TV ATTRIBUTION PROVIDERS, REVEALS ‘PROMISE,’ ‘CONFUSION’: As a follow-up to a benchmark report profiling 15 television attribution providers, Sequent Partners this morning released a more in-depth report providing a detailed report card-like assessment of companies currently providing some form of TV attribution and/or marketing-mix modeling. Read More: www.mediapost.com

Embrace multi-touch attribution tracking models for marketing campaigns

Multiple touch attribution is new, and there are subtle differences between each type of attribution model that qualifies as MTA. Apart from creating insightful data, it reduces the inaccuracy of ROI measurement and data management in the current linear single-touch models. Source: www.socpub.com/articles/embrace-multi-touch-attribution-tracking-models-marketing-campaigns-16121