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Consumer Openness to Switching Brands

New Stats About Brand Loyalty

Unswerving brand loyalty may almost be a thing of the past, as only 8% of global consumers and 9% of US consumers say they are loyal to brands or products they’ve always bought, per a report from Nielsen. The same report found that brand trust can also lead to loyalty and advocacy for a brand. Read More: www.marketingcharts.com


Brand Perceptions of Customer Pain Points Are Lagging

It continues into those pain points that are a frustration to customers when they are shopping both online and in-store and have been plaguing the customer experience even before the influx of new technology. This understanding of the need for more readily available customer service could explain why the customer frustration with long wait times for customer service and brands’ acknowledgment of this issue are more closely aligned than other pain points. Read More: www.marketingcharts.com

Mix your media: data to support integrated media to increase trust.

CONSUMER TRUST IN BRAND MESSAGE GROWS WITH INCREASED EXPOSURE: In what will likely be good news for those selling ad space, the research did find that if consumers are exposed to a brand’s message across a number of channels, the trust in the message strengthens. For respondents who engaged with a message on just one channel, only 32% had a strong message trust with 34% had a weak message trust. Read More: www.marketingcharts.com

Brand Trust Is Becoming More Important: Here Are Some Key Stats And Themes

Of note for brands offering e-commerce subscription services is that 1 in 5 global consumers and 1 in 6 in the US said brand trust is becoming more important because of their increasing reliance on brands to automate things they used to do themselves. Top of the list within this area relates to data privacy, as 43% of US respondents said trust in a brand they buy is more important because of the ever-increasing number of brands that have personal information in their databases. Read More: www.marketingcharts.com

Why are the walled gardens not held to the same measurement standard to justify increased spend?

DIGITAL BRAND-ADVERTISING MEASUREMENT NEEDS TO MATURE TO JUSTIFY INCREASING SPEND: Despite non-stop advancements in digital adtech stacks, the evolution of brand measurement hasn’t kept up; brand studies look the same as a decade ago. I’ve never spoken to a brand marketer who says better brand measurement would not pry more brand spend from their wallet, so these fixes could lead to billions more poured into the digital ecosystem. Read More: www.thedrum.com