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The murky world of data brokers

Did you know that your every online move is being watched and analysed by data brokers and advertising technology companies? What do they do with the data and does it matter? Malcolm Moore discusses the so-called ‘privacy deathstars’ with FT technology reporters Aliya Ram and Madhumita Murgia. Source: www.ft.com

Facebook Is Changing How Marketers Can Target Ads. What Does That Mean for Data Brokers?

Last month, Facebook announced in a brief statement that it will be shutting down Partner Categories, a feature that allows marketers to target ads on the company’s universe of platforms by using third-party data provided by data brokers. Source: https://hbr.org/2018/04/facebook-is-changing-how-marketers-can-target-ads-what-does-that-mean-for-data-brokers