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Ctv Data Is Massively Fragmented: Here Are Three Ways The Industry Is Stitching It Back Together

Only some types of companies within the CTV ecosystem can collect viewing data or identity data about their viewers. The industry is bringing this data together in three ways: through technologies designed to stitch together capabilities like targeting, measurement, frequency management and optimization; through partnerships between distributors and programmers; and through the formation of industry standards. Read More: adexchanger.com

Disconnect: Marketers concerned about attribution, agencies concerned with fraud.

HOW DOES AD FRAUD AFFECT ADVERTISING BUDGETS?: The growing influence of programmatic buying is relevant to advertisers’ fraud concerns because the complex and opaque ad supply chain has made programmatic ad buys vulnerable to fraud whenever proper safeguards aren’t put into place. Read More: www.emarketer.com

CTV ad growth is constrained by people not technology.

‘THE OPPORTUNITIES ARE BEING THROTTLED’: INTERNET-ENABLED TV IS MISSING OUT ON PROGRAMMATIC AD BUYS: Advertisers and ad tech firms continue to prime the programmatic pump for connected TV ad sellers, from TV networks and individual publishers to platforms like Amazon’s Fire TV and Roku. Read More: digiday.com