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TV is no longer an effective “stand alone” media buy.

TV-FOCUSED BRAND BUDGETS ARE MORE EFFICIENT WHEN COMBINED WITH YOUTUBE AND FACEBOOK: Combining TV with Facebook/Instagram video and YouTube generates a higher lift than any of these channels alone, while still being cost-effective: Facebook found that on average, spend on TV is 16.6x greater than on Facebook even though the TV components of campaigns reach only 3.6x as many people as Facebook. By adding Facebook ads to traditional TV campaigns, they were able to access an average 17% incremental reach to TV advertising, i.e. an average of 2.5 million additional people not reached by TV ads alone. Read More: marketingland.com

Philo Tv’s Ceo On The Hard Choices Behind Building A $20 Tv Bundle

When the internet-TV service Philo launched in November 2017, it had the cheapest pay-TV bundle on the market in the US. For $16 per month, people could buy a smattering of 45 entertainment TV channels, such as AMC, HGTV, Food Network, MTV, and Comedy Central, and add on a small collection of other networks for an extra $4 per month. Starting on May 6, Philo will sell only its $20-per-month bundle that has 58 channels, 13 more than the discontinued offering. Read More: www.businessinsider.com

Did 1 In 5 Millennials Just Ditch Linear Tv Ads?

According to the latest figures, the number of viewers between 16 to 34 years of age watching linear television ads on Sky channels and Channel 4 dropped by nearly a quarter in the first two months of this year compared to last. Read More: www.mediapost.com

Social is more effective than email for lead gen.

EMAIL IS MOST-USED LEAD-GEN CHANNEL, BUT NOT SEEN AS THE BEST, STUDY FINDS: Email is the most popular channel for lead generation, with 84.2% of marketers using it, according to the 2019 Leads Council Benchmarking Report, a study by the nonprofit Leads Council, sponsored By Digital Media Solutions. Read More: www.mediapost.com