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Long overdue.

SHAREHOLDER VALUE IS NO LONGER EVERYTHING, TOP C.E.O.S SAY: Chief executives from the Business Roundtable, including the leaders of Apple and JPMorgan, argued that companies must invest in employees and deliver value to customers. Now, companies must also invest in employees, deliver value to customers and deal fairly and ethically with suppliers. Read More: www.nytimes.com

Is a “data label” too little, too late? CCPA will put a nail in 3rd party data segments.

WHY THE IAB IS CREATING A ‘NUTRITIONAL LABEL FOR DATA’: Its benefits include better assuring marketers that data segments in one data management platform will be largely comparable to those of market rivals. Other testing requirements include providing data buyers with visibility on how data has been onboarded and whether or not it includes matching survey data to cookie data. Read More: www.adweek.com

US Data Regulation: No new laws needed?

FTC TO USE 6(B) AUTHORITY TO EXAMINE TECH COMPANIES’ DATA PRACTICES: FTC Chairman Joe Simons recently acknowledged the Commission’s plan to use its authority under Section 6(b) of the FTC Act to examine the data practices of large technology companies. Read More: www.adlawaccess.com

Cmos’ Top Uses For Ai: Personalization And Predictive Analytics

While B2B service companies are the top user of AI for content personalization – and B2B product companies use AI for augmented and virtual reality , facial recognition and visual search more than any other business types – B2C companies dominate when it comes to using AI for most marketing activities. Read More: www.marketingcharts.com