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8 Startup Blunders to Avoid to Fast Track Your Way to Millions

Bad employees, especially at a company’s foundation can be one of the biggest startup blunders because it could sink the entire operation. Growing from a small, sustainable, company to one that is generating millions of dollars requires powerful marketing efforts. Read More: www.business2community.com

Remembering the startups we lost in 2019

For our purposes, we’re focusing here on independent startups, not digital initiatives from larger companies – though in at least one case, the startup was acquired by a larger company before shutting down. Daqri was, at one point, speaking with a large private equity firm about financing ahead of a potential IPO, but as the technical realities facing other AR companies came to light, the firm backed out and the deal crumbled, according to earlier TechCrunch reporting. Read More: techcrunch.com

‘Opportunity or threat? Either way, it’s staring us in the face.’

A SIMPLE QUESTION NO ONE IN AD TECH WILL ANSWER: There’s a question in ad tech that’s been surprisingly difficult to get a straight answer to lately: What happens to programmatic advertising as cookies crumble away?. So which is it? Is doomsday coming, with Google Chrome on the verge of stamping out third-party cookies completely, following in the footsteps of Firefox and Safari, as cookieless proponents want? Or will tech companies keep building workarounds and playing cat-and-mouse until they stumble into that mythical cookieless solution – thereby preserving online advertising and marketing as we know it?. Read More: adexchanger.com

How Microsoft is trying to become more innovative

These projects often focus on machine learning and artificial intelligence, and since Microsoft is on a mission to infuse all of its products with more AI smarts, it’s no surprise that it’s also seeking ways to integrate Microsoft Research’s innovations into the rest of the company. It’s worth stressing that Microsoft AI, which launched about two years ago, marks the first time there’s a business, marketing and product management team associated with Microsoft Research, so the team does get a lot of insights into upcoming technologies. Read More: techcrunch.com

Revealed: Google made large contributions to climate change deniers

Among hundreds of groups the company has listed on its website as beneficiaries of its political giving are more than a dozen organisations that have campaigned against climate legislation, questioned the need for action, or actively sought to roll back Obama-era environmental protections. He said Google and other technology companies had also not used their own lobbyists to advocate for change on climate. Read More: www.theguardian.com