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The hidden legacy of aQuantive: How Microsoft’s $6B loss became a win for the Seattle tech industry

The story didn’t end there: The former aQuantive executives, entrepreneurs and investors who emerged from ashes of the failed Microsoft acquisition have gone on to play key roles in building the Seattle-area’s tech ecosystem over the following decade. Recently, he became a co-owner of the Seattle Sounders FC. Multiple former aQuantive employees credit the company’s up-and-down history as an essential education. Read More: www.geekwire.com

ial Services Loyalty Drivers

What Keeps Consumers Loyal to a Financial Services Company?

While common sense dictates that consumers choose to stay with a financial services company because they have trust in that company, the reality is that trust is far from the leading influence on customer loyalty. Receiving the best rates and lowest fees is actually the leading driver for consumers remaining loyal to a financial service company, per a Yes Marketing survey of 1,000 consumers who have used a financial services company in the past year. Read More: www.marketingcharts.com

How grocers can compete for ad dollars against Amazon, Google and Walmart

Food retailers have regained ground against big tech and major retailers in the battle for consumer goods companies’ shifting ad budgets. The ability to target, personalize and measure promotional spending against massive audiences gave companies such as Amazon, Google and then major retailers such as Walmart, Target and Kroger a tremendous advantage when vying for ad budgets. Read More: retailleader.com

Large Companies Will Be The Biggest Beneficiaries Of The Lean Startup Movement

To succeed in the third wave, companies will have to make large financial investments, form partnerships with other companies and influence government policy. In the last decade, startup folks have gotten real cocky and started talking about disruption and how their new agile-lean methods of innovation were helping them move faster and create better products than large companies. Read More: www.forbes.com

Cultivated data is the next Gold Rush

Industrial manufacturing, search and social media data and a handful of other verticals are long-established gold mines for data information and analytics. Some of our SparkLabs Korea portfolio companies get paid a few hundred thousand per year to open up their data to the public, and the Korea Data Agency has created vertical consortiums to encourage standard building for data structures within specific industries such as finance, healthcare and transportation. Read More: techcrunch.com