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‘Loyalty Score is a combination of user visits and page views, measured from a first campaign click, over the course of 28 days’

MEASURING LOYALTY: THE CUTTING EDGE OF AUDIENCE DEVELOPMENT: If you’ve ever run an audience development campaign, you’ve probably struggled with the timeless dilemma of weighing quantity vs. quality. How can we help audience development campaigns become more qualitative? How can we create more growth opportunities for our customers?. Read More: whatsnewinpublishing.com

Overcome Product Bias with this priority scoring model: Goal, Impact->[Confidence], Effort

BAYESIAN PRODUCT MANAGEMENT: GETTING OUT OF YOUR OWN HEAD: Bayesian reasoning is especially useful for building products at scale because complex and imperfect information is thrown at you from all directions. The continuous adjustment of scores based on prior knowledge and new evidence is the crux of Bayesian reasoning. Read More: medium.com

Ad execs are deeply skeptical that TV measurement will ever catch up to digital

As more people watch TV shows on digital screens, on their own schedules and with varying ad loads, tracking just how many people see those shows only gets harder. Source: www.businessinsider.com/as-comscore-and-nielsen-duke-it-out-ad-executives-have-major-doubts-whether-tv-measurement-will-ever-catch-up-to-digital-putting-billions-at-risk-2018-8

Launches New Audience Segments to Help Advertisers Reach Valuable OTT Viewers

The 21 new advanced segments, which are powered by comScore’s proprietary Total Home Panel, help marketers and media companies more effectively target these traditionally elusive consumers with tailored messages based on their overall streaming and console gaming intensity, as well as their consumption of leading OTT services. Source: www.4-traders.com/news/comScore-Launches-New-Audience-Segments-to-Help-Advertisers-Reach-Valuable-OTT-Viewers–25939472/?