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Overcome Product Bias with this priority scoring model: Goal, Impact->[Confidence], Effort

BAYESIAN PRODUCT MANAGEMENT: GETTING OUT OF YOUR OWN HEAD: Bayesian reasoning is especially useful for building products at scale because complex and imperfect information is thrown at you from all directions. The continuous adjustment of scores based on prior knowledge and new evidence is the crux of Bayesian reasoning. Read More: medium.com

Ad execs are deeply skeptical that TV measurement will ever catch up to digital

As more people watch TV shows on digital screens, on their own schedules and with varying ad loads, tracking just how many people see those shows only gets harder. Source: https://www.businessinsider.com/as-comscore-and-nielsen-duke-it-out-ad-executives-have-major-doubts-whether-tv-measurement-will-ever-catch-up-to-digital-putting-billions-at-risk-2018-8

ComScore to Debut First Ad Product Under New CEO

ComScore Inc. SCOR 1.94% is preparing to launch a new product that measures ad views across platforms like TV and mobile, the first big move by new Chief Executive Bryan Wiener, who has been charged with turning around the beleaguered business. Source: https://www.wsj.com/articles/comscore-to-debut-first-ad-product-under-new-ceo-1533034920

‘Customers were’t sure if we were going to be around anymore’: comScore’s new CEO says he needs to reestablish trust in the ad market

ComScore’s new CEO Bryan Wiener acknowledged the measurement firm has a tough job ahead of it rebuilding trust in the ad world. Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/customers-weret-sure-if-we-were-going-to-be-around-anymore-comscores-new-ceo-says-he-needs-to-reestablish-trust-in-the-ad-market-2018-4