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How Much Does Connected Tv Ad Inventory Cost?

From 2016 to 2018, the share of the total ad impressions that video ad platform Innovid served through connected TVs jumped from 13% to 27%. And FreeWheel reported a 53% growth in connected TV ad views in 2018. Read More: www.emarketer.com

Why TV ad buyers don’t yet see connected TV threatening linear TV budgets

That lack of transparency and control, as well as more favorable pricing, has spurred TV advertisers to deal directly with publishers for connected TV campaigns, which has further reinforced the connection between connected TV and linear TV. TV networks have seized on connected TV as an opportunity to ease TV advertisers into the new channel while tethering those investments to linear TV by selling their OTT inventory as an extension of traditional TV deals. Read More: digiday.com

New lipstick, same pig: co-viewing measurement is still a Nielsen panel based metric!

‘A turning point’: Buyers are adopting TV-style co-viewing metrics for connected TV: Third, Nielsen’s connected TV measurement methodology has not yet been accredited by the Media Rating Council; for what it’s worth, to date only Innovid and Pixalate’s connected TV ad measurement methodologies have been accredited by the MRC. Despite those measurement concerns, ad buyers are willing to experiment with counting co-viewing impressions. Read More: digiday.com

Data-driven advertising sees impressive growth

Advanced creative in video advertising continues to outperform standard pre-roll across the board: custom interactive gained a 237% lift in engagement year-over-year. Source: https://www.rapidtvnews.com/2018060852422/data-driven-advertising-sees-impressive-growth.html