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What Does Personalization Mean to Consumers?

So it’s instructive to see how consumers interpret personalization, courtesy of a new study from Epsilon. In tandem, these results indicate that consumers view personalization more in terms of support and service than along the lines of tailored advertising, and prefer their personalization in the context of support, too. Separately, Epsilon’s research suggests that consumers’ attitudes towards personalized experiences do not impact the number of purchases that they make, but that those who favor personalization do shop more frequently. Source: https://www.marketingcharts.com/customer-centric/personalization-customer-centric-81976

Don’t keep consumers in the dark

All stakeholders in the ad industry, not just brands, need to communicate to consumers what is at stake if the data exchange is cut off. Finally, the digital advertising industry needs to be transparent and communicate a commitment to ethical treatment and protection of data granted by consumers. Communicating to consumers about data protection and security is not just checking a box, but plain and simple good business practice. Source: http://mobilemarketingmagazine.com/dont-keep-consumers-in-the-dark–s4m