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Content marketing = compounded ROI marketing

CONTENT MARKETING ROI IS NOT IMMEDIATE: HERE’S WHY IT’S OKAY: Compound ROI in content marketing is the steady growth of website traffic, lead generation, and/or revenue from consistent, long-term content marketing efforts. Read More: www.postpilot.io

These Issues Proved Most Important to B2C Content Marketers in 2018

So it’s not a big surprise that a Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs study [PDF] of almost 300 B2C content marketers, the majority of which were from the US, found that roughly 6 in 10 B2C organizations identified changes to SEO/search algorithms as their most important content marketing issue of 2018. Source: www.marketingcharts.com

From hard paywalls to meters to dynamic paywalls: Why New York Media is taking a flexible approach to subscriptions

Reduced 95%: The dynamic paywall, which has been deployed by publishers ranging from Hearst Newspapers to The New York Times, stands in contrast to alternatives like a hard paywall, where everyone must pay for any content, or a metered paywall, where all visitors get a set number of free stories over a period of time before being required to pay.. Source: https://digiday.com/media/new-york-media-paywall-subscriptions-flexible/