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Why Topic Clusters Are Your Most Powerful SEO Weapon

The SEO goal of topic clusters is to gain search traffic for highly focused keywords and phrases with smaller search volumes. If planned properly, the unification of your topic clusters can be your most powerful SEO weapon in gaining industry authority, as well as rankings for those general keywords with massive search volumes. Read More: www.searchenginejournal.com

Survey Finds Brand Safety Crisis Can Prompt Consumer Backlash Brand

A new survey of US consumers highlights the significant financial risk to brands from a potential brand safety crisis involving their advertising. TAG and BSI have partnered on several other research projects around brand safety topics, including white papers on defining brand safety and related execution challenges, based on extensive interviews with brand safety executives in the digital advertising industry. Read More: aithority.com

5 Tricks to Increase Your Organic Engagement on Social Media

I’m part of the team at Quuu, which provides hand-curated content suggestions for social media marketing and gets your own content shared by real people in your niche – we’re all about those human-to-human connections! We’ve seen firsthand the things that do and don’t work on social platforms, and it’s not always the bigger, bolder strategies that have the greatest impact. Remember that social media algorithms bump up the organic reach of content that immediately sees lots of organic engagement, so this is a good thing to do as soon as you’ve published something new. Read More: dashthis.com

Marketers Believe Research and Case Studies Are Their Target Audiences’ Most Trusted Content

Three in 5 of the 300-odd B2B and B2C marketing influencers surveyed for the report identified research/case studies as one of the types of content most trusted by target audiences. Despite the success marketers seem to be having with their content marketing engagement strategies, they are not without their challenges. Read More: www.marketingcharts.com