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Should pubs drop ads from contentious content?

TESCO MEDIA BOSS TO PUBLISHERS: ‘YOU NEED TO TAKE MORE RESPONSIBILITY FOR BRAND SAFETY’: How Tesco ensures its brand is safe within traditional publisher environments, not just on user-generated content platforms, has been put in the spotlight following a week in which the British media was slammed for not only running footage of the New Zealand attacks but then selling ads against it. Read More: www.thedrum.com

Quality, genuine, relevant content resonates.

B2B LEADERS SAY CONTENT SPURS BUYING PROCESSES. BUT WHAT CONTENT TURNS THEM OFF?: Almost half of the more than 200 B2B marketing leaders who took part in a survey by PathFactory and Heinz Marketing said that their company’s buying process was initiated by someone on their team coming across a prospective company’s content they found interesting. Read More: www.marketingcharts.com

Content marketing = compounded ROI marketing

CONTENT MARKETING ROI IS NOT IMMEDIATE: HERE’S WHY IT’S OKAY: Compound ROI in content marketing is the steady growth of website traffic, lead generation, and/or revenue from consistent, long-term content marketing efforts. Read More: www.postpilot.io