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the Development of Effective Content

Finding Budget to Scale Content Is a Key Challenge for Marketing Leaders

Close to half of marketing leaders say that when it comes to developing impactful and effective content, having the budget to develop high-quality content at scale is among their top-3 challenges, making this the most widely cited obstacle, per a recent report from the CMO Council and Rock Content. Content marketing budgets have been increasing, but clearly it’s expensive to create quality content at scale. Read More: marketingcharts.com

Customer Engagement Strategies

Content Plays Various Roles in Brands’ Customer Engagement Strategies

A recent report from the CMO Council and Rock Content reveals that marketing leaders believe interactive brand content is helping to communicate brand promise and value, deliver thought-leadership, and differentiate products and services as well as enable demand generation strategies. Of the almost 200 marketing leaders from B2B, B2C and hybrid organizations surveyed, 61% named the communication of brand promise and value as one of the top 5 roles that content plays in their customer engagement strategy. Read More: marketingcharts.com

Sourced Content

B2B Buyers Rely on Vendor Websites for Content

Where are buyers finding the content they need? For most buyers of marketing technology, vendor websites have proven to be an important source of content throughout each stage of their journey, per research from FocusVision. While internet search was also a popular choice, buyers rely on getting content through vendor websites more than they do through social media, publications they read regularly and email sent to them. Read More: marketingcharts.com

‘Loyalty Score is a factor of page visits and page views that is measured over a 28 day period’

OPTIMIZING FOR LOYALTY: OVERCOMING ONE OF USER ACQUISITION’S BIGGEST CHALLENGES: It’s All About the ROI. Content marketing’s biggest challenge has always been proving ROI. Content marketing is, by nature, a long-tail endeavor. Marketers can compare their acquisition campaigns, understand which ones drive the highest Loyalty Score, and then optimize toward increasing that score. Read More: whatsnewinpublishing.com

ting Priorities in 2020

Here’s What B2B Content Marketers Are Prioritizing in 2020

The majority of B2B marketers say they’re finding success with their current marketing content strategy, but how will they carry over that success in the year to come? For almost half of the B2B content marketers surveyed for a report from the Content Marketing Institute, one of the top priorities is improving the quality and conversion of audiences. Another area B2B content marketers foresee prioritizing in 2020 is improving on content marketing measurement. Read More: www.marketingcharts.com

of Successful B2B Content Marketing

‘Most B2B content marketing is NOT for lead gen!’

MORE B2B MARKETERS SAY SUCCESSFUL CONTENT GENERATES SALES: With B2B buyers citing misleading content as one of their biggest issues with content, the majority of B2B content marketers get high marks for always or frequently fact-checking their content to ensure accuracy. About the Data: Results are based on a survey of 679 B2B content marketers from North America whose organization has used content marketing for at least one year. Read More: www.marketingcharts.com

Content Distribution: The Essential Guide

Whether you are a content marketing novice looking to start small, an experienced practitioner looking to refresh a flagging initiative, or a seasoned expert wanting to make the biggest splash with a massive, multiplatform content launch, you need to decide which distribution options work best for your purposes. Kick things off by looking at how each channel matches with the audience, goals, and priorities outlined in your content marketing strategy, and the team resources and content types established under your editorial plan. Read More: contentmarketinginstitute.com