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Does Behavioral Targeting Make Publishers More Money?

Does behavioral targeting make publishers more money? That’s a huge question with many potential ramifications, most significantly the conversations about government regulation of user tracking. There has been tremendous change in the industry over the last three years, including Safari’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, the migration to first-price auctions, overall programmatic growth of more than 50%, the rise of header bidding, exchange bidding and countless other shifts that impact cookies, targeting and demand. Read More: adexchanger.com

Without cookies, fingerprints, and truncated IP addresses, we’re forced to use Google’s proprietary android ID

GOOGLE’S NEW COOKIES FEATURES MAY HAMPER ONLINE ADVERTISING, IMPROVE PRIVACY: New measures limiting the use of cookies in the Google Chrome browser will give users more easy-to-access information and power over which cookies websites have installed on their browsers, crucially distinguishing between cookies that actually help you and those that glean data for advertisers. The dust is starting to settle on the announcement Google made at the conference, even if the details have yet to emerge, but a blog post about the new Cookies points out that they will limit the way third-party companies can use cookies in the Google Chrome browser while at the same time giving s its own use of cookies and ability to build personalized ads, a boost. Read More: www.cmswire.com

The Ad-tech Industry’s Response To Google’s Targeting Updates

The industry has been fueled by speculation that cookies will soon become an outdated mode of ad targeting and tracking, particularly since Apple’s introduction of Intelligent Tracking Prevention in its Safari web browser, which is strict in its cookie restrictions. While the latest Chrome updates do not spell the hammer-blow to ad tech that was initially feared, it does signal to the industry that a more consumer-friendly approach to tracking, targeting and identity is necessary. Read More: www.adweek.com