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Ads as Content or Content as Ads? Either way, brilliant!

HOW THE BBC USES PROGRAMMATIC ADS TO DISTRIBUTE BRANDED CONTENT: Using audience data, he said, is delivering branded content to the right people at the right time and resulting in less wastage. The BBC regularly uses its audience behavioral data to look at what audience groups are interested in, from trending topics to the stories, formats and devices that its audience is spending the most time on. Read More: www.thedrum.com

67% of publishers offered interstitials

Flashback: that was in 1999. The pop-up (or pop-under) craze has largely passed, but advertisers still crave the full screen message. $20 CPMs were common for these units 20 years ago, but they were also highly effective (that’s expected for an in-your-face-format). Download the report to read more about the forerunner to today’s pop up.

Creative measurement is stuck in the 90s: Why advertisers must evolve their metrics

To bring creative analytics into the twenty-first century, advertisers must stop relying on methods from the 1990s and update their measurement approach, replacing outdated metrics and models with smarter, data-driven analysis of creative performance. Source: https://www.fourthsource.com/search-marketing/creative-measurement-is-stuck-in-the-90s-why-advertisers-must-evolve-their-metrics-23310