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Benchmarks, H2 2019 vs. H2 2018

Ad Viewability Increases Across Formats in H2 2019

Viewability for desktop video did not increase quite as much, reaching 74.1% globally and 69.3% in the US. While the largest growth in viewability was seen in mobile app display, other mobile formats also saw improvements. Desktop display risk decreased by more than 15% worldwide between H2 2018 and H2 2019 and by about 11% y-o-y in the US, to 6.5%. Desktop video risk stood at an average of 6.3% worldwide and 8.9% in the US. On the mobile front, mobile web display risk dropped by 11.2% y-o-y in the US to 7.9%, and by close to 6% y-o-y, to 7.8%, for mobile web video. Read More: marketingcharts.com

US Ad Viewability Benchmarks, H1 2019 vs. H1 2018

Desktop Display Ad Viewability Improves Again in H1 2019

Desktop display ad viewability rates have improved globally in the first half of 2019 with a viewability rate of 69.2%, an increase of 12.3% year-over-year from H1 2018, according to Integral Ad Science’s media quality report. The overall desktop display ad viewability rate in the US has also gone up to 66.6% in H1 2019, representing a 6.7% increase from H2 2018’s average of 59.9%. US desktop video viewability, which experienced a decline in H2 2018 to 65.5%, has rallied and is back up to 68.5% in H1 2019, on par with the rate from a year earlier. Read More: www.marketingcharts.com

How to Support Independence & Imagination in Kids

According to experts, it’s better for your little ones and their imagination if you start fostering their independence by giving them time to play alone. Megan Carolan, Director of Policy Research at the Institute for Child Success, notes that when kids play independently, they begin to self-regulate and cooperate with other kids. Read More: redtri.com

Desktop Display Ad Viewability Rates Continue To Improve

Desktop video viewability, while still higher on average than display ad viewability, experienced a decline from the previous 6-month period, as the 65.5% rate dropped from 68.4%. On the mobile front, the mobile web display ad viewability rate and mobile app display rate each experienced an increase from H1 2018. Read More: www.marketingcharts.com

Is DOOH a sleeping giant?

EDISON RESEARCH RELEASES NEW DIGITAL OUT-OF-HOME REPORT: As the world’s leading provider of out-of-home research with a specialty in conducting consumer surveys in various venues, Edison has been providing audience measurement and advertising effectiveness research for numerous digital out-of-home digital networks for well over a decade. Read More: www.digitalsignageconnection.com

IAS media quality report paints a slightly more optimistic picture for programmatic ad buyers

Integral Ad Science released a media quality report for the first half of the year this week that shows a slightly more optimistic picture of an industry that’s been beleaguered by challenges in viewability, ad fraud and brand safety for the past few years. Source: martechtoday.com/ias-media-quality-report-paints-a-slightly-more-optimistic-picture-for-programmatic-ad-buyers-225393

Dear Humans: 82.5% Of Display Ad Buys Are Now Done By Machines

Those are the top lines of eMarketer’s revised U.S. programmatic display advertising estimates and forecast, which shows that so-called open RTB – or auction-based real-time bidding – now comprises less than a quarter of the total programmatic display advertising marketplace. Source: www.mediapost.com/publications/article/317296/dear-humans-825-of-display-ad-buys-are-now-done.html?utm_source=newsletter