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Ericsson Emodo Partners with Axonix to Launch Emodo Supply

With Emodo Supply, advertisers can be confident that the data used in their targeted campaigns is accurate, leading to decreased wasted spend and increased ROI. Mobsta, a location and audience targeting specialist, is a current Emodo client partner and already uses mobile operator data to help create and verify their unique audience segments. Source: martechseries.com/mobile/mobile-advertising/ericsson-emodo-partners-axonix-launch-emodo-supply-first-ever-carrier-verified-media-supply-solution-programmatic-advertising/

Ericsson Emodo Launches First-Ever Carrier-Verified Audience Solutions to Maximize Efficiency of Ad Spend

Emodo Audiences uses carrier data to verify data accuracy and improve targeting at the outset, preventing wasted ad spend and improving mobile advertising return on investment. Source: www.adotas.com/2018/06/ericsson-emodo-launches-first-ever-carrier-verified-audience-solutions-maximize-efficiency-ad-spend/

Ericsson Emodo Offers Free Data Verification

The first product released since Emodo’s recent acquisition of Placecast, Emodo Verification combines Placecast’s technology with global data sets from Ericsson channels and systems to confirm the location accuracy of audiences and mobile ads. Source: www.destinationcrm.com/Articles/CRM-News/CRM-Across-the-Wire/Ericsson-Emodo-Offers-Free-Data-Verification-125138.aspx