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FAST will collect radio waves from an area twice the size of the next-largest single-dish telescope, the Arecibo Observatory

GIGANTIC CHINESE TELESCOPE OPENS TO ASTRONOMERS WORLDWIDE: The world’s largest single-dish radio observatory is preparing to open to astronomers around the world, ushering in an era of exquisitely sensitive observations that could help in the hunt for gravitational waves and probe the mysterious fleeting blasts of radiation known as fast radio bursts. The Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope in southern China has just passed a series of technical and performance assessments, and the Chinese government is expected to give the observatory the final green light to begin full operations at a review meeting scheduled for next month. Read More: www.nature.com

Study reveals what consumers would pay for their favorite free apps

Among the facts we learned along the way: women would pay 20% more than men for Google Maps, Facebook and Pinterest, and millennials would pay 78% more for Instagram and 42% more for Google Maps than baby boomers. Once we gathered data showing what consumers would pay for various apps, we were eager to compare each company’s current advertising revenue against what they would hypothetically earn if they charged the percentage of users willing to pay the average amount respondents established per app. Read More: www.mcguffincg.com

Certification for Media iQ; FastPay Buys AnchorOps

In this week’s edition: Certification and NAI membership for Media iQ; FastPay and AnchorOps to merge; ABC accreditation for Integral Ad Science; Deep learning for new recommendation tech at RTB House; MediaCom and Unruly cooperate; and AdSecure adds cryptomining detection capabilties. Analytics and technology provider Media iQ underlines its commitment to brand safety and online privacy with two industry designations: committing to self-regulation via the NAI code of conduct, Media iQ has been received as a member of the Network Advertising Initiative. Fintech provider FastPay has acquired AnchorOps, a provider of electronic payment solutions for media buyers in order to pair FastPay’s lending facility for media sellers and AnchorOps’ payment offer for media buyers. Source: www.exchangewire.com/blog/2017/10/13/certification-for-media-iq-fastpay-buys-anchorops/