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Big Companies Bet On Cleaner Power From Pig Poop Ponds

What’s left is almost pure methane, also called natural gas, ready to burn in any gas-fired home furnace or electric power plant. That’s the key to this business: People or companies who are trying to reduce their carbon emissions will pay extra for it – perhaps twice as much as regular natural gas. Read More: www.kunc.org

Give Up Your Gas Stove To Save The Planet? Banning Gas Is The Next Climate Push

Buildings, through heating and cooking, use almost a third of the natural gas consumed in the U.S. In July, Berkeley, Calif., became the first city in the country to ban natural gas in new buildings, starting next year. Would you give up cooking on your gas stove to fight climate change? As more cities and states try to cut carbon emissions, they are focusing on natural gas. Read More: www.kunc.org