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Google quiet on ACCC browser monopoly concerns

The ACCC wants to put an end to the monopoly Google has in the search engine market down under, asking the tech giant in its Digital Platforms Inquiry: Final Report [PDF] to offer consumers a choice of which platform they use to search, just like it’s required to in Europe. Of particular concern to the ACCC is a lack of transparency in online advertising markets, saying it is unclear how Google and Facebook rank and display advertisements and the extent to which each platform places self-preference on their own platforms or businesses in which they have interests. Read More: www.zdnet.com

Google Sets Deadline To Block Ad Serving Of Unauthorized App Inventory

Google on Tuesday announced its intent to block ad serving of unauthorized app inventory in AdMob and Ad Manager when identified by a publisher’s app-ads. The goal is to help app publishers prevent their inventory from being spoofed by bad actors while ensuring that the ads reach the intended audience. Read More: www.mediapost.com

Australia joins EU, US in scrutiny of FB, GOOG

‘NO CHOICE’: ACCC FINDS GOOGLE, FACEBOOK MARKET POWER MAKES LIFE DIFFICULT FOR SMALL BUSINESSES: Crucially, for the more than half of Australian small businesses with Facebook pages and a similar amount using Google services, including the provision of advertising, the ACCC concluded businesses have little choice in doing business with digital giants. The ACCC’s consultation with small businesses also identified small business anger about the way Facebook and Google resolve instances of defamatory comments and fake reviews. Read More: www.smartcompany.com.au

Google Accused of Ripping Off Digital Ad Technology in U.S. Lawsuit

Impact Engine Inc filed the complaint in federal court in San Diego, California, alleging various Google online advertising platforms, including Google Ads and Google AdSense, infringed on six patents. Impact Engine alleged that, after a series of meetings between the companies, Google copied its intellectual property instead of creating a business partnership. Read More: www.nytimes.com

Google still plans to kill Chrome’s existing adblock APIs

Earlier this year, Google got the internet riled up when it tentatively planned to remove the APIs that content blocking extensions – including ad blockers – use. Google has been working on Manifest V3 for a while now, with both new functionality and changes to existing browser features. Read More: www.androidpolice.com