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Google Draws House Antitrust Scrutiny of Internet Protocol

Congressional antitrust investigators are scrutinizing plans by Google to use a new internet protocol, concerned that it could give the company a competitive advantage by making it harder for others to access consumer data. Because Google operates its own DNS service, known as Google Public DNS, some are concerned that the DNS upgrade could ultimately concentrate too much of the internet’s traffic in the hands of Google. Read More: www.wsj.com

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What Might Be the Biggest SEO Trends Over the Next 3 Years?

When the more than 1,500 SEO professionals surveyed by SparkToro were asked which trends they believe will have the biggest impact on SEO in the next 3 years, respondents felt that Google entering verticals/competing versus publishers would have the biggest impact. Conversely, respondents do not believe that the outcome of US Congress and DOJ investigations into Google will have as much impact on SEO in the next 3 years. Read More: www.marketingcharts.com

Google’s Ad Business Undergoes Massive Reorganization

Jason Bigler, the recently appointed head of Google Ad Manager, is departing, moving to a fin tech after a long run at both DoubleClick and Google. Although the entire ads business is undergoing a reorganization, Google’s network business – where Google-powered ads appear on non-Google-owned sites – may have been particularly ripe for such change. Read More: adexchanger.com

Brave uncovers Google’s GDPR workaround

New evidence gathered by Brave gives the Irish DPC concrete proof that Google’s ad system did broadcast personal data about Dr Ryan, which infringed the GDPR. In addition, Brave has uncovered what appears to be a GDPR workaround that circumvents Google’s own publicly stated GDPR data safeguards. Push Pages therefore appear to be a workaround of Google’s own stated policies for how RTB should operate under the GDPR. Download the explanatory note submitted with the evidence to the Irish Data Protection Commission. Read More: brave.com