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Targeted Ads Aren’t Just Online, They’re On Tv

If you have a cell phone service that’s also connected, they can know where you’re going out in the world and be able to take all that information into account to target you with ads on TV.Molly Wood: How much more money can cable companies make? I assume they can charge more for an addressable TV ad than a generic one. Read More: www.marketplace.org

When It Comes To Addressable TV, AT&T Has The Scale And Verizon Has The Speed

While Oath pitches its 4.6 million addressable TV households and its dominance in major metropolitan markets along the Eastern seaboard, AT&T has truly massive scale, with 15.5 million addressable TV households. Source: https://adexchanger.com/tv-2/when-it-comes-to-addressable-tv-att-has-the-scale-and-verizon-has-the-speed/