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New lipstick, same pig: co-viewing measurement is still a Nielsen panel based metric!

‘A turning point’: Buyers are adopting TV-style co-viewing metrics for connected TV: Third, Nielsen’s connected TV measurement methodology has not yet been accredited by the Media Rating Council; for what it’s worth, to date only Innovid and Pixalate’s connected TV ad measurement methodologies have been accredited by the MRC. Despite those measurement concerns, ad buyers are willing to experiment with counting co-viewing impressions. Read More: digiday.com

Placed Study Outlines Viewability’s Impact on Store Visitation

Despite having directly measured more than 2.8 billion store visits across its audience of more than 300 million smartphones, as of March 2018, and having delivered attribution in the form of ad exposure to store visits across more than 500 advertisers and agencies, along with 350+ publishers and platforms, Shim says this marks the first time Placed has brought viewability metrics into Placed Attribution, and the first time online viewability is being measured in relation to offline store visits. Source: http://streetfightmag.com/2018/04/11/placed-study-outlines-viewabilitys-impact-on-store-visitation/

Why Blockchain Technology is Good for Advertising?

The ClearCoin Blockchain platform will be integrated with demand-side and supply-side platforms, provide interfaces for marketers, publishers, ad networks, agencies, and data providers. Source: https://www.coinspeaker.com/2018/02/14/blockchain-technology-good-advertising/

Focus shifts from ‘served’ to ‘rendered’ for counting mobile impressions

The new guidelines on ad impression counting won’t necessarily solve these problems, but they will provide some greater peace of mind to advertisers that don’t want to be over-billed for invalid ad impressions by shifting the focus from served ads – which aren’t necessarily seen on a device if there’s a slow connection – to rendered, which means the ad has actually appeared on a screen. Source: www.mobilemarketer.com