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archers Spend Their Time

How Do Market Researchers Spend Their Time?

In its latest Insights Practice edition, the GRIT Report breaks down how market researchers spend their time, as well as the state of insights departments and tech spend in relation to research. According to the survey, about half of market researchers’ time is spent explicitly conducting research – this includes designing and managing the execution of research, as well as analyzing, interpreting, charting and/or reporting research results. Read More: marketingcharts.com

ers Are Tracking

How Are Retail Marketers Tracking Shifting Customer Behavior?

Specifically, the majority of retail marketers surveyed are currently utilizing internal sales and revenue tracking, customer service/support conversations – either online or via phone, industry intelligence from trade groups and analysts, online chats and feedback from their website and sales and consumer data from retail partners to track customer expectations and needs. About 3 in 10 retail marketers are also planning on using shopper purchase data and insights via retail partners and shopper purchase data and insights via 3rd party, which is only being used currently by 31% of respondents. Read More: marketingcharts.com