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Agency Ad Buyers Say There Isn’t Enough Addressable Tv Inventory

Then in September 2018, AT&T’s advertising division Xandr struck deals with Altice and Frontier to sell those two companies’ addressable TV inventory alongside AT&T-owned DirecTV’s addressable inventory in order to sell ads that can be targeted across 20 million households in the U.S. The progress that the TV companies have made in expanding the share of U.S. households that can be served addressable TV ads, combined with advertisers’ interest in audience-based buying, is now drawing ad buyers’ attention to addressable TV’s other inventory limitation: that two-minute inventory allotment. Read More: digiday.com

CTV ad growth is constrained by people not technology.

‘THE OPPORTUNITIES ARE BEING THROTTLED’: INTERNET-ENABLED TV IS MISSING OUT ON PROGRAMMATIC AD BUYS: Advertisers and ad tech firms continue to prime the programmatic pump for connected TV ad sellers, from TV networks and individual publishers to platforms like Amazon’s Fire TV and Roku. Read More: digiday.com