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‘Another way trees keep climate change in check’

A SHIFT FROM CROPLAND TO FORESTS MADE WESTERN EUROPE COOLER: The researchers found that approximately 25 million hectares of agricultural land was abandoned in Europe during the 24 years for which they had data, although cropland expansion elsewhere in Europe of about 20 Mha meant that the net loss of cropland was 5 Mha. In contrast to both eastern and western Europe Scandinavia showed relatively little change in temperatures linked to land use cover changes over the period. Read More: partner.sciencenorway.no

How about fewer people too?

IPCC LEAKED REPORT: GOING VEGETARIAN AND CONTROLLING LAND USE ARE KEY TO CLIMATE CRISIS: A leaked draft of a report on climate change and land use, which is now being debated in Geneva by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, states that it will be impossible to keep global temperatures at safe levels unless there is also a transformation in the way the world produces food and manages land. The new IPCC report emphasises that land will have to be managed more sustainably so that it releases much less carbon than at present. Read More: www.theguardian.com