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‘They’re slowly starting to kill it’: Ad tech execs brace for Apple to scrap in-app ad tracking

Ad tech execs have a new concern that’s moving to the front burners: the specter of Apple extending Safari’s mobile and desktop anti-tracking blocks to Apple’s in-app environment. In the update, Apple stated that app developers must disclose how they’re using IDFA, and ensure it is only for the specific purposes of ad targeting and attribution and nothing else. Read More: digiday.com

The Daily Beast finds cutting the costs of subscriptions pays off

Since settling on the current offer rate, The Beast increased its revenue forecasts for Beast Inside, and it is on pace to beat those forecasts in 2019, Daily Beast CEO Heather Dietrick said. In August, Beast Inside gained more members than the program acquired in all of 2018, according to Daily Beast editor Noah Shachtman, and Dietrick expects that the membership program will hit its member target for all of 2019 several months ahead of schedule. Read More: digiday.com

Marketing Budget's Share of Firm Budgets

Marketing Accounts for Larger Portion of Firm Spend: 4 Notes About Budgets

The survey of more than 300 top marketers in the US found that marketing budgets now account for almost one-eighth of total firm budgets. As with social media and mobile, survey respondents expect to see their companies use analytics more in the next few years, with analytics believed to account for 11.6% of marketing budgets in the next three years. Read More: www.marketingcharts.com

The Demographics of Streamers vs. Non-Streamers*

What Are Some Differences Between TV-Connected Streamers And Non-Streamers?

While a small majority of US adults stream video to their TV through connected devices such as smart TVs and streaming sticks, there are still more than two-fifths of adults that don’t stream to their TV set. For the purpose of the report, Nielsen has designated the 56% of adults who viewed at least one-minute of streaming content through an internet-connected device to their TV set during May 2019 as streamers. Read More: www.marketingcharts.com