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Embrace multi-touch attribution tracking models for marketing campaigns

Multiple touch attribution is new, and there are subtle differences between each type of attribution model that qualifies as MTA. Apart from creating insightful data, it reduces the inaccuracy of ROI measurement and data management in the current linear single-touch models. Source: https://www.socpub.com/articles/embrace-multi-touch-attribution-tracking-models-marketing-campaigns-16121

Ads.txt And The Future Of Data Pricing

What if data was sold via the traditional offline or analytic model of data licensing? Adobe is one of the few exchanges that already offers licensing of digital data within its DMP. Another option that may become popular is the cost-of-media model made famous by The Data Alliance within The Trade Desk. Source: https://adexchanger.com/data-driven-thinking/ads-txt-and-the-future-of-data-pricing/?mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTVRNNFl6VXhZMlZsT1dJMyIsInQiOiJjVmd0WGdjK29mY2RQQ0JOV3pBWTdKSWt5OWZIelBWM2o0SDZTNGRvRGZoZXozaXlZVkhCTkdSYktGbDRKUlRNemRNQ0NPMEVTQnJMcVFPZ0ZLWEE3MVhwVmFIUHlMcExnMmpVSitBaCtmTSswUHd0RFwvdjZ2Z1U5VThJS0F2UnAifQ==