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Oplifi a Programmatic Media Company Raises 750K from Rainmaker Ventures

Oplifi, a Singapore based programmatic media company that focuses on transparency, simplicity and accessibility has raisedUSD 750, 000 from Mumbai based early-stage venture capital fund Rainmaker Ventures. The programmatic company founded towards the end of 2015, has over the years provided best in class digital media amplification technologies for creating the requisite buzz, increasing intent to purchase and fulfilling strategic business goals. Headquartered in Singapore, Oplifi co-founded by GautamDutt and Anup Kumaris focused on bringing the advances in digital paid media technology, services and platforms to companies of all sizes. Source: bwdisrupt.businessworld.in/article/Oplifi-a-Programmatic-Media-Company-Raises-750K-from-Rainmaker-Ventures/12-10-2017-128446/