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‘Very much about TV advertisers’: Amazon is ramping up its Fire TV ad pitch

Amazon is targeting traditional TV advertisers for its connected TV platform, Fire TV. A couple months after Amazon began requiring that Fire TV apps let Amazon sell 30 percent of their apps’ video inventory, Amazon is in the process of staffing up a dedicated video ad sales team to sell that inventory and compete with Roku for advertisers’ connected TV ad budgets. Source: digiday.com

OTT, connected TV advertising to undergo sea change of engagement

A quarter of shoppers say they spend no time watching live TV at all, including 40% of millennials, 73% of whom don’t watch ads when viewing TV programming and who spend nearly five times more time on a mobile device than watching live TV. Almost a quarter have already cut the cord or never had cable, and another 13% are considering doing so within the next year. Source: https://www.rapidtvnews.com/2018111154124/ott-connected-tv-advertising-to-undergo-sea-change-of-engagement.html