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Survey Finds Brand Safety Crisis Can Prompt Consumer Backlash Brand

A new survey of US consumers highlights the significant financial risk to brands from a potential brand safety crisis involving their advertising. TAG and BSI have partnered on several other research projects around brand safety topics, including white papers on defining brand safety and related execution challenges, based on extensive interviews with brand safety executives in the digital advertising industry. Read More: aithority.com

Study Finds US Consumers Balance Support For Publications And Desire To Block Ads

Many US consumers understand that free online publications are supported by advertising and would consider filtering rather than completely block ads, according to a new study by YouGov and Eyeo. Just because some consumers are willing to turn off ad blockers to enjoy your site doesn’t give you permission to do it for them, the study found. Read More: www.alistdaily.com

The solution to ad blocking is about embracing consumer needs: ads need to be valuable, like content, and not assume consumers want their data collected.

AD BLOCKING IS STILL A ‘SUBSTANTIAL THREAT TO PUBLISHER REVENUE STREAMS’: Despite the industry’s best efforts – last week, the Coalition for Better Ads announced last week it will adopt ad standards globally, and Google Chrome’s ad filter will be expanding globally July 9 – collectively millions in annual revenue is still being lost by U.K. publishers as a result of ad blocking, according to research from the Association of Online Publishers, which counts members including Condé Nast, ESI Media, Global, the Guardian and The Telegraph. Source: digiday.com

‘A daily, hourly fight’: Digital ad fraud is worse than ever

OTT ad fraud is on the riseAd tech vendors are hungrily circling the rise of over-the-top video distribution and all the opportunities it promises, namely: video ad stacks are thin on the ground and the Facebook-Google duopoly hasn’t swallowed the majority of the video ad market as they have for display. Source: digiday.com