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Small but mighty: Twitter drives media’s most return visitors

WHICH SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM GENERATES THE MOST RETURN VISITORS TO ONLINE MEDIA SITES?: Changes to Facebook’s algorithms have not endeared the social media platform in the eyes of publishers, with many experiencing a decrease in referral traffic from the platform after the changes that occurred in 2018. While Instagram has made headway in becoming one of the top social media platforms for marketers, especially those who are targeting teens, it generates little return traffic with only an average of 5% of referred visitors returning to the same site in the same month. Read More: www.marketingcharts.com

Google quiet on ACCC browser monopoly concerns

The ACCC wants to put an end to the monopoly Google has in the search engine market down under, asking the tech giant in its Digital Platforms Inquiry: Final Report [PDF] to offer consumers a choice of which platform they use to search, just like it’s required to in Europe. Of particular concern to the ACCC is a lack of transparency in online advertising markets, saying it is unclear how Google and Facebook rank and display advertisements and the extent to which each platform places self-preference on their own platforms or businesses in which they have interests. Read More: www.zdnet.com

Ott Ad Inventory: 18% Is Fraudulent

While OTT platforms have many built-in advantages compared to more open digital platforms, scammers and fraudsters are still targeting the space, with its rich premium ad inventory, and comparably high ad rates. Read More: www.mediapost.com