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archers Spend Their Time

How Do Market Researchers Spend Their Time?

In its latest Insights Practice edition, the GRIT Report breaks down how market researchers spend their time, as well as the state of insights departments and tech spend in relation to research. According to the survey, about half of market researchers’ time is spent explicitly conducting research – this includes designing and managing the execution of research, as well as analyzing, interpreting, charting and/or reporting research results. Read More: marketingcharts.com

The Deep Sea

Leatherback Sea Turtles are the oldest sea turtle species. Sea Angels are majestic sea slugs that use wings to propel themselves. Read More: neal.fun

ds' Share of Google Shopping Clicks

Search Ad Trends During the COVID Quarter: Clicks Rise; Formats Differ

Based on an analysis of Merkle clients, overall US paid search ad spend grew by 9% year-over-year in Q2, down from the 11% seen in Q1. That said, search ad clicks grew by 38% y-o-y, after several quarters of consistent growth around 10% per quarter. Along with tablet’s share of 3.5%, mobile generated some 69% of all search ad clicks for the quarter and accounted for half of paid search ad spend for Q2. Interestingly, desktop’s share of Google search ad clicks jumped by 4-5% points in late March through the first half of April, per the report, as more people spent time at home. Read More: marketingcharts.com

Innovative Market Research Suppliers

These Are Perceived to be the World’s Most Innovative Market Research Suppliers in 2020

Although market research buyers’ and suppliers’ optimism about the industry remains steady despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the latest GRIT report shows that the research industry is not expected to emerge from the pandemic unscathed. In order to find out which market research suppliers are the most innovative this year, respondents were asked to list up to 5 companies that they consider the most innovative, and to choose the top company overall. Read More: marketingcharts.com

All-purpose enzymes boost CRISPR’s powers

Because vaccine-derived polio outbreaks are becoming more probable over time, a new oral vaccine that doesn’t mutate easily is needed, the researchers say. The researchers found that the debris interacted with the atmosphere to form a dense dust cloud that raced over Earth at several kilometres per second. Read More: nature.com

Top 10 Market Research Companies in the US (by 2018 revenue)

These Are the Largest Market Research Companies in the US

Neilsen continues to be by far the largest US market research company, outstripping its nearest competitor in US research revenues by a more than 2:1 margin, according to the 2019 GreenBook Market Leaders Report. About the Data: Companies are ranked by research revenue in the US with the exception of Ispsos and The NPD Group some or all figures are not made available by the companies so instead are based upon research and estimation by the GreenBook report author. Read More: www.marketingcharts.com

ertising Spend, 2009-2019(f)

Search’s Share of Global Digital Ad Spend Plateaus

As a result, search advertising’s share of internet advertising spend appears to be leveling off, per the Global Ad Trends report from WARC. Search is expected to account for just less than half of internet advertising spend this year, but this represents the lowest share in 10 years. Although mobile’s share of ad spend and its share of search traffic in those countries are both growing, mobile’s allotted ad spend is increasing a quicker rate. Read More: www.marketingcharts.com