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Artifically postponing climate change…but at what other costs?

WHAT IS GEOENGINEERING—AND WHY SHOULD YOU CARE?: In the following decades, the concept occasionally popped up in research papers and at scientific conferences, but it didn’t gain much attention until the late summer of 2006, when Paul Crutzen, a Nobel Prize-winning atmospheric chemist, called for geoengineering research in an article in Climatic Change. In the years since Crutzen’s paper, more researchers have studied geoengineering, mainly using computer simulations or small lab experiments to explore whether it would really work, how it might be done, what sorts of particles could be used, and what environmental side effects it might produce. Read More: www.technologyreview.com

Innovative Market Research Suppliers

These Are Considered the World’s Most Innovative Market Research Suppliers

The latest GRIT report indicates that 7 in 10 of those purchasing market research have an upbeat view of what the future holds, with a similar share of providers feeling the same way. They were then asked to choose one of 5 categories to describe these firms: data and analytics provider; full and/or field service agency; qualitative research provider; strategic consultancy; and, technology provider. Read More: www.marketingcharts.com

Clickjacking Evolves to Hook Millions of Top-Site Visitors

In crawling data from the Alexa top 250,000 websites, researchers discovered 437 third-party scripts that intercepted user clicks on 613 websites – which in total receive around 43 million visits on a daily basis. In a new method, researchers found that attackers were also using clickjacking to send victims to an advertisement to fabricate realistic ad clicks – to get a commission when a user clicks an advertisement. Read More: threatpost.com

Why You Are Probably Interviewing the Wrong People

The general rule of thumb in qualitative research is to interview enough people so that you get enough variation and until you start to see the same patterns or hear the same stories over and over again. I’ve now read it in three different books about academic qualitative research and one industry book on qualitative research. Read More: www.producttalk.org

Product Management Market Research

There are three broad categories of product manager research techniques: Intuition, Primary Research, and Secondary Research. Qualitative research is one of the tools a product manager should have in their market research toolbox. Read More: win-loss.agency