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Top 10 Market Research Companies in the US (by 2018 revenue)

These Are the Largest Market Research Companies in the US

Neilsen continues to be by far the largest US market research company, outstripping its nearest competitor in US research revenues by a more than 2:1 margin, according to the 2019 GreenBook Market Leaders Report. About the Data: Companies are ranked by research revenue in the US with the exception of Ispsos and The NPD Group some or all figures are not made available by the companies so instead are based upon research and estimation by the GreenBook report author. Read More: www.marketingcharts.com

Trump Mocks Global Warming, Lowballs Sea Level Rise

In September, pegged future sea level rise at 1 to 2 feet by 2100, relative to levels in 1986-2005, under a lower emissions scenario. Trump greatly underestimates the scale of the problem, and his dismissal of the dangers of sea level rise is not based in science. Read More: www.factcheck.org

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Search’s Share of Global Digital Ad Spend Plateaus

As a result, search advertising’s share of internet advertising spend appears to be leveling off, per the Global Ad Trends report from WARC. Search is expected to account for just less than half of internet advertising spend this year, but this represents the lowest share in 10 years. Although mobile’s share of ad spend and its share of search traffic in those countries are both growing, mobile’s allotted ad spend is increasing a quicker rate. Read More: www.marketingcharts.com

‘Amazon overtakes Microsoft in Search revenue’

GOOGLE DOMINATES US SEARCH, BUT AMAZON IS CLOSING THE GAP: According to our latest US ad spending forecast, Google’s share of search ad revenues will drop, while that of Amazon will grow over the next two years. In 2019, Amazon’s search business will grow nearly 30% over last year, boosting net search revenues to $7.09 billion. Read More: www.emarketer.com