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EXCLUSIVE SUMMARY: Blockchain for AdTech

WHAT IS BLOCKHAIN? A free (open source) distributed system of record (ledger) across numerous, decentralized (no single central owner) third parties (miners), who all simultaneously process (mine) and securely (encrypt or hash) record information (block) which is stored in sequential order (chain), cannot be altered, and publicly verified by other other ledgers in the network and accessible by owners of the secure key. Coins, altcoins, tokens, initial coin offering (ICO) are terms related to cryptocurrency, which is one type of asset created with the use of a given blockchain. One must purchase or mine (create) the asset to participate in the given blockchain. Though not all blockchains necessarily have related assets.   BLOCKCHAIN BENEFITS Validated through numerous parties Current/real-time Public: auditable, traceable, trackable Encrypted & secure No intermediaries Distributed – eliminates single points of failure   BLOCKCHAIN DRAWBACKS Slow – 10...

Why Retailers Should Avoid Ad Retargeting’s Black Box

While some consumers may be annoyed, online retailers continue retargeting as an advertising tactic because it works. The other downside of using black box providers to run retargeting campaigns is that brands end up depriving themselves of valuable insights into who their audience is and how to reach them. Why spend money advertising to someone who would have made the same purchase whether or not they saw your retargeting ad? Source: http://wwd.com/business-news/technology/think-tank-why-retailers-should-avoid-ad-retargetings-black-box-11071028/