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Bank of America adds brand safety officer to tackle risks in digital advertising

Brand safety is on the minds of most marketers, as 75% report being exposed to brand safety issues and 70% say they take brand safety seriously, per research by GumGum and Custom, Digiday’s content creative agency. Source: https://www.marketingdive.com/news/bank-of-america-adds-brand-safety-officer-to-tackle-risks-in-digital-advert/518138/

How big of a concern is mobile brand safety?

Based on a survey from Q3 of 2017, 72% of mobile and digital advertisers are still concerned about brand safety. Here are some things they need to consider when approaching mobile brand safety. Marketers, while your agencies and partners may talk the talk of quality, it’s essential to know where they really stand and what they’re really doing to assure brand safety. Source: https://www.mobilemarketer.com/news/how-big-of-a-concern-is-mobile-brand-safety/513896/

The state of brand safety in 5 charts

A survey of 30 brand marketers by Digiday+ showed that brands place more responsibility on themselves than on agencies, vendors or publishers, when it comes to maintaining brand safety. Marc Goldberg, CEO of anti-ad fraud vendor Trust Metrics, said brand advertisers should be leading the conversation on brand safety because if they don’t care about it, nobody else will. The concept of brand safety has been around for years, but as seen in the Google Trends graph below, searches for brand safety peaked in March. Source: https://digiday.com/marketing/state-brand-safety-5-charts/