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These Are The Supply-side Ad Servers Trying To Win The Next Generation Of Tv

Those companies mainly work with smaller video players, like digital-first publishers trying an OTT app or ad-supported OTT channels like fuboTV and Pluto TV. Nielsen is another potential ad server for the next generation of TV. The ratings company acquired the content recognition firm Gracenote in 2017, and uses the product for dynamic ad insertion in smart TVs. And in February Nielsen acquired Sorenson Media, an ad server for smart-TV manufacturers and media companies with streaming content, including Hearst, Sinclair and AMC. Nielsen hasn’t made waves as an ad server yet, and would have to juggle that business with its core TV ratings and measurement – the referee typically doesn’t enter the game. Read More: adexchanger.com

Apple Safari to kill 1st party cookies after 7 days.

ITP: COOKIE CHANGES TO THE APPLE SAFARI BROWSER: It is known that most Safari sales convert within 7 days so we expect the effect to be minimal but nevertheless, it’s clear that 1st party cookie tracking alone will be insufficient in ensuring the affiliate channel is fully protected from ITP. The ITP compensation tool will help ensure publishers are not left out of pocket as a result of this but further updates to tracking will be required to mitigate the full impact. Read More: www.awin.com

Forget Viewability: Your Ads Aren’t Serving

We were buying significant inventory across well-known, major exchanges, but it was as if our ads weren’t being served at all. First is the load rate, which is the ratio of rendered impressions – the number of ads that are served – over requested impressions, or the number of impressions won in auctions. Most of us will agree that there are unavoidable cases, through no fault of the exchange, DSP or ad server, where an ad fails to load. The user, for example, closed a web page too quickly. Source: adexchanger.com/brand-aware/forget-viewability-ads-arent-serving/