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The Most Popular Radio Formats of 2018

Following News/Talk, which likely benefited from the election cycle, 8% of US radio listeners were tuned into adult contemporary during any given 15-minute period of the day, with Country coming third at 7.3%. Compared to two years ago, pop contemporary hit radio has fallen from its previous second place position. Source: www.marketingcharts.com

Rutledge: Hill Needs To Require Opt- in for Web Info Sharing

In pushing back on an opt-in regime for ISPs alone, NCTA-The Internet & Television Association did point out the larger impact on the Web, arguing that data collection and sharing with third parties could threaten the ad-supported model that allows so much internet content to be free. Source: https://www.multichannel.com/news/rutledge-hill-needs-to-require-opt-in-for-web-info-sharing

Here’s What Data Shoppers Are Willing to Share

Most online shoppers are comfortable exchanging their email and gender for a better online shopping experience, but they largely shy away from sharing many other data types including address and current location, psychographic information and income. Source: https://www.marketingcharts.com/customer-centric/datadriven-82764