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5G tech to enable smart cities, advertising will pay for it

Some $34 billion will be spent on smart cities by 2020, a portion of which will be offset through companies offering to build out bus shelters, lamp posts that monitor foot traffic and interactive digital screens in exchange for ad space, according to the Consumer Technology Assocation. Source: adage.com

Why TV Is Winning The Transparency Wars

While digital advertisers may need nutrition labels to tell them where the data they’re relying on came from, television advertisers can rest assured that all their data came from opted-in smart TVs. That’s if the rest of the industry follows VIZIO’s lead by maintaining full transparency then TV will have another advantage still, for advertisers, and, especially for consumers. Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/alanwolk/2018/10/08/why-tv-is-winning-the-transparency-wars/