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Global Brands on Social Media

These Are the Most Loved Brands on Social Media

In an attempt to determine which brand garnered the most love on social media and determine a social ranking, NetBase looked at expressions of love for brands via mentions, impressions and sentiment. Despite being named one of the top 3 most loved brands in the US earlier this year by Morning Consult, as well as being the programming brand that users believe they cannot do without, Netflix did not feel as much love on social as in the past. Read More: www.marketingcharts.com

5 Tricks to Increase Your Organic Engagement on Social Media

I’m part of the team at Quuu, which provides hand-curated content suggestions for social media marketing and gets your own content shared by real people in your niche – we’re all about those human-to-human connections! We’ve seen firsthand the things that do and don’t work on social platforms, and it’s not always the bigger, bolder strategies that have the greatest impact. Remember that social media algorithms bump up the organic reach of content that immediately sees lots of organic engagement, so this is a good thing to do as soon as you’ve published something new. Read More: dashthis.com

Social Media Overtakes Word-of-mouth For Tech Reviews, Study Finds

The percentage of U.S. consumers who use social media to discover technology more than doubled to 57% this year from 21% in 2018, the survey found. Matter’s survey indicates that makers of personal technology need to have a social media and online video strategy to help inform consumers about their products. Read More: www.mobilemarketer.com