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New Standards: Ad-IDs, EIDR Codes Get Kantar Nod

The SMPTE 24TB Open Binding of IDs Drafting Group created and published two new sets of standards and recommended practices: ST 2112-10 and RP 2112-11 for the Open Binding of Content Identifiers and ST 2112-20 and RP 2112-21 for the Open Binding of Distribution Channel IDs and Timestamps. Source: https://www.rbr.com/smpte-kantar-ad-id/

MRC chief says it’s time to move past viewability ‘fixation’

A study released in March by Extreme Reach found 73 percent of premium publisher video ads and 58 percent of ads on aggregator sites met the MRC viewability standard in the fourth quarter, up from 69 percent and 52 percent, respectively, a year earlier. Source: http://adage.com/article/digital/viewability/313309/