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nsumer Spending Forecasts ($B)

Back-to-School 2019: Stats & Research Reference

Younger shoppers expect to do more research prior to doing their BTS shopping. Only a small portion of BTS budgets were allocated to targeting those shoppers getting a jump in the BTS shopping rush between June 25 and July 22. Read More: www.marketingcharts.com

Share of Daily Time Spent with Select Media/Devices Among US Consumers, by Age, Q3 2018 

Generation X: Penetration, Preferred Social Platforms and Privacy Concerns

Xers Are Social, but Ads Are a No-Go. While this generation is digitally curious-our estimates show that 77.5% of Xers are social network users-their usage tends to be narrower and less experimental than younger generations. One in three Gen Xers said they don’t trust any social media channels, according to a December 2018 survey from Adobe. Read More: www.emarketer.com

ial Services Loyalty Drivers

What Keeps Consumers Loyal to a Financial Services Company?

While common sense dictates that consumers choose to stay with a financial services company because they have trust in that company, the reality is that trust is far from the leading influence on customer loyalty. Receiving the best rates and lowest fees is actually the leading driver for consumers remaining loyal to a financial service company, per a Yes Marketing survey of 1,000 consumers who have used a financial services company in the past year. Read More: www.marketingcharts.com

Innovative Market Research Suppliers

These Are Considered the World’s Most Innovative Market Research Suppliers

The latest GRIT report indicates that 7 in 10 of those purchasing market research have an upbeat view of what the future holds, with a similar share of providers feeling the same way. They were then asked to choose one of 5 categories to describe these firms: data and analytics provider; full and/or field service agency; qualitative research provider; strategic consultancy; and, technology provider. Read More: www.marketingcharts.com