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This Clever Gel Works Like a Vaccine for Wildfires

If adopted widely the gel could become a sort of vaccine against wildfires, applied around the roads and utility infrastructure where 84 percent of California’s 300,000 fires in the last decade have ignited. A typical fire retardant dropped from a plane, like the inorganic salt ammonium polyphosphate, or APP, works by sticking to the surface of vegetation and binding to carbon, creating a char layer that is resistant to burning. Read More: www.wired.com

Google Draws House Antitrust Scrutiny of Internet Protocol

Congressional antitrust investigators are scrutinizing plans by Google to use a new internet protocol, concerned that it could give the company a competitive advantage by making it harder for others to access consumer data. Because Google operates its own DNS service, known as Google Public DNS, some are concerned that the DNS upgrade could ultimately concentrate too much of the internet’s traffic in the hands of Google. Read More: www.wsj.com

FAST will collect radio waves from an area twice the size of the next-largest single-dish telescope, the Arecibo Observatory

GIGANTIC CHINESE TELESCOPE OPENS TO ASTRONOMERS WORLDWIDE: The world’s largest single-dish radio observatory is preparing to open to astronomers around the world, ushering in an era of exquisitely sensitive observations that could help in the hunt for gravitational waves and probe the mysterious fleeting blasts of radiation known as fast radio bursts. The Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope in southern China has just passed a series of technical and performance assessments, and the Chinese government is expected to give the observatory the final green light to begin full operations at a review meeting scheduled for next month. Read More: www.nature.com